Health Sidebar IX: National Get on the Scales Day!!

The Foodimentary Guy, John-Bryan Hopkins
The Foodimentary Guy, John-Bryan Hopkins (Photo credit: Josh Self)

National Get on the Scales Day!!

I love following other people’s blogs!! I have so many choices but every once in a while, I come across precious gems…like this Foodimentary blog!! Who knew that today is such a powerful day?! There is only one thing I would change about his post:

Add ghee, avocado, sesame oil or olive oil to your grains and soups.

Foodimentary’s last suggestion has to do with the spring/summer. I love to think far ahead but my body has to live in the present…which is winter-time! So adding these items to your grains and soups will not only nourish your body and keep it warm but also aid with metabolism so that its easier to lose weight during this time when your body really wants to rest! Ghee is also great for digestion, so if you suffer from Mal-absorption, ghee is your friend!

The New Year is all about setting goals and either reaching them or forgetting about them! A lot of us set a goal but do not prepare (in advance) or plan the path to success! Jumping in head first to weight loss isn’t always the best way.

Make today the day you weigh yourself and let it sink in. If you’re weight isn’t what you want it to be, that’s fine! Use this knowledge to motivate and fuel you to really pushing yourself to lose weight and be healthy about it! Take this time to do the research or contact a Holistic Health Coach (like myself) that can help you navigate through all of the different ways to lose weight.

What are you waiting for? Get on the scale and get prepared for health today!

Stay strong, stay healthy, and fight dis-ease!